Company law, commercial law

We offer comprehensive advisory services in the field of corporate and company law, ranging from company formation, through ongoing, comprehensive legal services, to restructuring or termination of legal existence. We help selecting the optimal legal form of business. As part of our activity, we also support public companies.

In the area of the corporate and commercial law, we provide comprehensive services, including:

  • legal assistance in establishing any type of company, starting with the preparation of the articles of association and all accompanying documentation, ending with the registration in the register of entrepreneurs;
  • preparation of corporate documentation, including articles of association, company agreements and company governing bodies’ regulations;
  • support for shareholders’ meetings, general meetings as well as meetings of supervisory and management boards;
  • advice on the issue of shares other securities (subscription warrants, bonds, including bonds convertible into shares);
  • preparation of resolutions of company bodies, including the increase and decrease of the share capital, changes to agreements and articles of association, redemption of shares, compulsory buyback and repurchase of shares;
  • preparation of documentation for incentive programs;
  • preparation of agreements regulating mutual relations between partners and shareholders (shareholders agreements);
  • legal advice on dissolving companies and carrying out the process of their liquidation;
  • legal assistance in transformations, divisions and mergers of companies, including cross-border ones;
  • appeals against resolutions of general meetings and shareholders’ meetings.