Corporate governance

We support public companies in the process of implementing, executing and reporting on the application of corporate governance principles. We review and adjust internal legal acts to the requirements of legal provisions and recommendations of regulatory authorities. We prepare annual reports and reports on the application of corporate governance principles, prepare remuneration policies and support in the preparation of reports on their implementation.

As part of the practice, we provide services in the field of:

  • implementation by public companies of the Best Practices of WSE and New Connect Listed Companies;
  • preparation of corporate governance standards, including articles of association, company agreements, regulations of company bodies and audit committees;
  • conducting corporate audits regarding the functioning of corporate governance principles in companies;
  • consultancy for public companies in the implementation of information policy;
  • drawing up or giving opinions on statements on the corporate governance principles;
  • drawing up or giving opinions on reports of capital companies’ bodies and supervisory board committees.